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Holly by Cymbeline | Dress of The Week

Hi Ladies! Last week the Dress of The Week was made by Gemy Maalouf. This week the winner is…. …. SUSPANCE (the blog’s suspance..ops sorry I told you in the title! emh.. ) … HOLLY by Cymbeline! 3 words: Stunning, Amazing, Super Chic. Sorry my ladies, I cannot even count anymore. I need a holiday! 4 words: Stunning, Amazing, Super Chic. … Continue Reading →

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Leila Hafzi 2014 | My Perfect Wedding Dress

Hi Ladies, how are you today? Here in London the weather doesn’t help the energy’s level! This is what I’ve been looking at in the past days:  Ciao Ragazze, come state? Qui a Londra il tempo non aiuta il livello d’energia! Per darvi un’idea più chiara, questo è quello che mi si è parato davanti agli occhi negli scorsi giorni: … Continue Reading →

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Gemy Maalouf | Dress of The Week

Hi Ladies, last week the Dress of The Week was made by Jesús Peiró. This week my choice is a beautiful gown by Gemy Maalouf. Stay Tuned because I want to share with you the whole collection in My Top Wedding Dresses.  Have a great week end!! Silvia Ciao Ragazze, la settimana scorsa il Dress of The Week era made by … Continue Reading →

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Giving Up the Wedding Planning!

Hi Ladies, so: GIVING UP THE WEDDING PLANNING! But just for a day! Most of the brides to be recognize that their stress level is out of control when it’s too late to stop, rewind and start again to enjoy the wedding planning and the magic waiting. The months before the wedding everyone want to say something, do something, decide something, their … Continue Reading →

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Jesús Peiró | Dress of The Week

Hi Ladies, today a new Dress Of The Week.  Dress of The Week was born to let you know as many wedding gown designers as possible and to show you some of my favorite dresses. You then will have a quick idea about their style. Is Jesús Peiró your style? Let us know! Have a great week end. Kisses, Silvia Jesús … Continue Reading →

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  Hi Ladies, we have already defined the timeline 12-9 months and 9-4 months before the wedding and today the last post about the wedding timeline: it’s just 4 – 0 months before the wedding. The only way to don’t be so stressed out? Plan! Plan! Plan! Ciao Ragazze, abbiamo già delineato la timeline del matrimonio 12-9 mesi e 9-4 mesi … Continue Reading →

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Here we go again!

Hi Ladies, how are you? I am very good, actually very tired but good. Your first question would probably be: “Silvia, where the h*** have you been???” or maybe you just do not care at all ;-P  Anyway I am so sorry I have abandoned you. I can tell that, after many years, my body is shouting at me, telling … Continue Reading →

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UK Wedding Dress Designer? Madeline Isaac-James

Hi ladies, how are you today?! I am super happyyyyyy! This has been an amazing week for me. I had so many good news for my career. As soon as I will have definite news, I’ll share those with you. Soon. I hope VERY soon. With a bit (a lot) of delay, today I want to show you my favorite … Continue Reading →

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Bridal Underwear to Shape You & Your Wedding Day

Hi Ladies, do you know which is one of the most important things to look e FEEL amazing during your Big Day?! Yes: the LINGERIE! If you choose the wrong one, you’ll look messy and probably unconfortable.  So do not underestimate it. Today I have a old friend and guest blogger: Moonrise Lingerie. They will give us some advices about … Continue Reading →

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Do you now what does it mean?!

Hi Ladies, my way to London took me 8 hours! But I found an amazing sunny day! Beautiful You already know what I brought from Italy. There’s one more thing: look at the photo below.. you know what it means, do you?  Ciao Ragazze, il mio ritorno a Londra mi ha preso 8 ore! Ma ho trovato una meravigliosa giornata … Continue Reading →